AmuTrack Management

AmuTrack is a software application for all gaming devices. Designed for machine tracking and performance analyses. Suitable for gamerooms, halls and remote sites.

AmuTrack is a complete product, all features are included and customizable to reach the complete gaming industry. Support multi-game and play machines.

Collecting meters can be done in different ways, from using sheets upto fully automatic using the Real Time Collect program, ready for the automation market.


  • Full customizable
  • Easy to operate using standardization
  • Collect manual, full or semi-automatic
  • Tablet, phone and Internet management
  • Use of latest mobile technology
  • International, multiple languages


  • Sites, machine, meter, module, personnel records
  • Multi-game and play machines
  • Default machines, meters and formula setup
  • Multiple site types
  • Shares, rents and loans
  • Scheduler collecting
  • Collecting management
  • Invoices with collect orders
  • Machine events and repair
  • Machine movement with meter check
  • Real time monitor and commands
  • Visual feedback, machine and site performance
  • Build-in export and report generator
  • Real time site and machine interactive map
  • User map designer
  • Multiple analyses, performance, profit, ...
  • Automatic status and fault reporting
  • Clear graphics, charts and reports.

Extended programs


Some screenshots, click for larger view

Area analyzing map  Site analyzing map

Site and machine analyzing maps

Performance overview  Graphics

Performance and graphics

Collect management  Invoicing

Collect management and invoicing

Machine moves  Custom reports

Machine move and reporting

Scheduler and controls

Scheduler and controlling