AmuTrack uses standard mobile modules to collect data. This is an enormous advantage. They can be delivered in big quantity directly from stock and are very cost-effective.

Every module is modular programmed and can easily be adapted for every machine protocol. The software is compatible to any future module using the latest technology.

The module communicates directly with the machine using serial or USB interface at high speed. Installation takes only a couple of minutes.


  • 10 analog and 20 extendable protocol meters
  • Serial / USB communication, plug and play
  • Fast data process on 2G, 3G network
  • Standard modules, direct deliverable in quantity
  • Low price and high quality
  • Compatible standard software for future modules
  • Low data transmission cost
  • Fast custom configuration
  • Fix and dynamic IP address

Protocols supported

  • Dutch VAN15 and VAN17
  • SAS in the near future
  • G2S in the near future
  • QCom in the near future
  • Any custom protocol on demand


In case indoor mobile coverage is poor, transmission is done through a special router which transmits data by mobile or landline.

The module can send commands and information to the machine. If needed and allowed the machine can be controlled remotely. All sorts of information can be send and received supported by protocol.



Module in machine