AmuTrack Management

AmuTrack will create, monitor and analyze your locations, machines, meters and personnel using clear graphics, charts and reports.

Real Time Collect

Real time collect server will collect automatic the machine meters and prints collect orders from remote sites and gamerooms.

Web Management Collect

Tablet, Smartphone or internet can be used to collect data and do specific management in real-time directly in AmuTrack database server.

Hall Management Collect

Collect machine meters in real-time, analyze hall status and cash-desk manager.

Module collect

Low cost and high efficiency standard hardware modules are used to collect data in real-time.

Real Time Monitor

Module connection server. Shows machine and module status.


Translator program to customize all programs in multiple languages using dictionaries.


  • Flexible, self controlled by parameters
  • Profit division, loans, and more..
  • Unlimited machine and meter setup
  • Graphics and visual feedback
  • International, multiple languages
  • Default multi-user and network version
  • Real time data by mobile internet
  • Plug and play standard modules
  • Internet, phone, tablet management


See configuration