Web, Tablet and Smartphone management

Any tablet, Smartphone or internet access can be used to collect meters and do a remote management in AmuTrack in a secure way. This can be done at any place using Wifi access or Mobile Internet.

Collecting can be done by entering the actual meters or retrieving the meters automatically using the modules. All data is processed in real-time directly in AmuTrack. Printing collect orders can be done by bluetooth printer.

Management like moving machines, checking the status of machine and site, installing modules and more, can be done on-site or anywhere else.

All of this is done remotely in real-time. No need for synchronisation or to download data in the offfice. Your data is already up-to-date on the server. Less errors, less time, more speed and functionality.


  • Internet management
  • Access and menu are user depended
  • Multiple access is supported
  • Direct data processing on the server, real-time
  • Standard tablets, phones, low cost
  • High security, no loss of data
  • Unlimited features using internet


Smartphone managment


 Tablet managementPDA